Jun 19, 2012

FREE-- 5GB Plan from SugarSync

FREE-- 5GB Plan from SugarSync
-- Access all your data anytime anywhere. 
-- SugarSync is instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or Mobile Device

Personal Computer

Breathe easy: Computer crash panic is a thing of the past when all the files on your Mac or PC are backed up on our secure server.
Easy transfer: Move all of your current files onto any new or existing computer with just a few clicks.
Connect with the office — 24/7: With SugarSync, you can sync your work computer with your home PC or Mac.

Smartphone and Tablet

Access from anywhere: Share, send and receive files of all sizes and types on the go.
Any device anytime: SugarSync applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian device.
Access without excess: Enjoy your full photo library in high resolution without using up your phone's storage space.

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