Crowdtap is a place where you earn money and get product to test. I haven't got any chance to do a product test yet, but I do earn some Amazon gift card from them. 

Ways to earn:
1. Log in every day. You got 10 points once you log in. 

2. Answer Quickhits. They release quickhits daily. Every hit you answer is worth 25 points or more (it depends). If you are luck, you got 1,000 by answer a hit. I've got them several times. 

3. Share Challenge. This is one of most popular ways to earn points. Once you got the challenge, you got 25 points for just accept the challenge. The share the challenge with your friends (or on my wall ^_^) to help you to click on the link, you earn 800 points. Every single friend who click on your link earn you 25 points, up to 10 clicks. 

4. Join discussion. They  will email you or you just simply log in to see if you have new discussion waiting for you. You earn points from answering the discussion and reply to others'.  

5. Complete Mission. They have tons of missions there. Once you complete a mission, you got points. The point range is from 500 to 7,500 points. 

What to redeem:
I always redeem $10 Amazon gift card which cost you 20,000 points. However, once your have 7,500 points, there are prizes waiting for you. ^_^