May 17, 2012

Rewards-- 13% cash back on Ebates through 5/21

You want to sign up to Ebates now, because Ebates is offering 13% cash back at 100+ stores for celebrating Ebates 13th Anniversary.

-- If you are new, you will get a $10 Target, Barnes & Noble or Home Depot gift card bonus when you purchase $25 or more via Ebates (could be multiple purchases).

-- I am excited that is in 13% cash back list. It's normally 3% cash back. I have won two $50 gift card from my feeling Lucky list, as well as some of you I know. I have spend my first gift card and it's a great time to spend my second MLB gift card to get free $50 stuff + $6.50 cash back + $10 Target gift card (if you are new). Woo-hoo!

-- 13% Cash Back at 100+ Stores through Monday, May 21, sign up here now

-- Believe me, you don't want to miss Ebates. 

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