Nov 27, 2011

Rewards-- NEW 20 RecycleBank points (Ziploc) -- 270 points for new members

Rewards-- NEW 20 RecycleBank points (Ziploc)--270 points for new members
-- First login or sign up to RecycleBank Account
--  then go to this link go here and answer the quiz questions. You don’t need to get the questions right to get points.

-- Reminder: once you have 100 points, you can snag FREE McDonald's Smoothie or FREE Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. Find them under "Restaurants" reward. 

If you are new to Recycleback, below are some points you can earn. 
1. Green Your Seasons
-- go to this link here and do all of the tasks to earn all of the points. 
-- Be sure to have to turn your pop-up blocker off to get the points!

2. Aveeno:
-- Then go here to earn 50 FREE RecycleBank Points Click on the 3 pledges (You will need to share each pledge on your Facebook wall) then click redeem and you will get a total of 50 Points!

3. Unilever:
--Then go to this link HERE and take the quiz to get 25 Points

4. Kashi
-- Then go to this link HERE and take the quiz to get 10 FREE RecycleBank Points. 

5. Paper Pilot
-- then go here and watch the video and play the game to get the points at the end.  
It takes about 5 minutes to get through it all.

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