Nov 30, 2011

FREE-- Crazy Cuizine Entree Coupon–$8.99 Value from Day-Lee Foods

FREE-- Crazy Cuizine Entree Coupon–$8.99 Value from Day-Lee Foods
-- you will need 5 of your Facebook friends to like the Day-Lee Foods Facebook page in order to snag your free product coupon. 
--  You’ll then want to authorize the app to see your Facebook friends and select the ones you would like to invite to be a fan. You’ll also have the option to share the link on your Wall. Once 5 of your friends are fans of the page, it will unlock the coupon and you will be able to print it out.
-- I think this is a printable coupon if you got 5 friends to like them. 

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  1. My name is Kimberly from Day-Lee Foods. Thanks for posting about our coupons! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen store restrictions, we have had to discontinue the printable free product coupon. We are working to create another deeply discounted offer that will work more universally. Until then, we are still offering $1 off Crazy Cuizine products to all our Facebook fans! This coupon can be redeemed at store locations like BJ's Wholesale Clubs across the country as well as at Albertsons, Ralphs, Food for Less, Raley's, SaveMart and Lucky Supermarkets throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. We apologize for the confusion and look forward to continually offering our Facebook fans exclusive content and discounts in the future.