Mar 9, 2012

FREE-- $10 Items at Copious + free shipping

-- You will see $10 in your account (on the top right.).

-- Then search something under $10 with free shipping. Browser categories under "Explore" tab on the top left. 

-- Many items on the site are free shipping. My tip is to type "free shipping" on the search box, then you will see lot of items with free shipping. 

-- When you add an item to your cart, be sure to click APPLY to use your credit (it’s on the right side of page, first screen of checkout).

-- You may probably need to pay Copous fee which is around $0.50 Mine was $0.54. Your $10 credit is able to apply on the fee, so you can choose something around $9.50.

-- NOTE: This actually is not free because I have to pay $0.01. They require you pay at least $0.01 every transaction. I suggest you use pre paid card to pay on this. I don't recommend you paying by your credit card or debit card.  

-- Let me know what you've got. Below is a blouse I've got for $0.01. ^_^ 


  1. It says $5.00 now when you join , not $10.00.

  2. This works the problem is it charges a 1 sent charge at the checkout I cant use a credit card I only do cash.I obviously have the money.