Feb 1, 2012

Possible FREE-- Flashlight from Ford- first 1,500

Possible FREE-- Flashlight from Ford- first 1,500
NOTE: Some people got a $500 eCertificate for Ford car
-- Scroll down and click “Build & Price” at the very bottom. 
-- Then, click on “E-Series Wagon”
--  then click “Build Your Own”. 
-- Build your own wagon. You don't really build, just click on next step, you should get a flashlight. If you build your won, you show your interest, so they might give you a $500 eCertificate for the wagon. 
-- Once you get to the ‘Summary’ page, you will get a pop up to request your FREE Flashlight!

(Thanks Freebie Shark)

1 comment:

  1. I did not get a flashlight. Why not? and Now I'm only to be bothered with Ford trying to sell my that van I just built and cannot afford. What did I do wrong?