Jan 16, 2012

Rewards-- Bing Rewards

Rewards-- Bing Rewards
-- The Bing Rewards gives you opportunities to earn credits redeemable for rewards. Click here to sign up! 

How do I earn credits?
-- Search. They currently offer 1 credit every 2 searches and up to 10 credits per day
-- They also offer a 3 bonus credit daily. You can see it at the right side of search page. Just click on it. 
-- If you are new, go to Discover tab in the Bing Central to take advantage of your Missions and earn credits.

-- They sometimes offer special bonus credits. 
-- To check if you have earned daily amount,  go the Bing.com header, click on the Rewards credit counter like this :rewards credit counter. Use the navigational arrows to scroll through your current offers

I usually redeem $5 Amazon.com Gift card with 525 credits (was 541 credits).
It's a slow way to earn money, but it only costs me about 1 minutes per day to search. You should try it. 

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