Jan 8, 2012

FREE-- Sample of Axe Anarchy Body Spray

FREE-- Sample of Axe Anarchy Body Spray 
-- Have to correctly answer the questions. 

What AXE® product makes Angels fall ? Excite
•What guy and girl team reps the AXE® brand on our Facebook page? Dan & Lauren
•Which of the following is NOT a shower gel? Snake Bite
•In the official AXE® TV commercial, what sport is one guy playing when Premature Perspiration strikes? Bowling
• Which AXE® product features a backwards “S”? Twist
•Which AXE® shower gel is made with Himalayan minerals and helps stimulate your mind and body? Rise
•What is the AXE® Twitter handle? @Axe
• Which AXE® Shower Gel rises from the ashes? Phoenix
•Where does the guy in the Fixers video wake up? Lawn
•About how many Facebook Fans does AXE® have? About 2 Million
•Which AXE® variant is now retired? Voodoo
•What is the girl in the record store eating in the Premature Perspiration video? Popsicle
• What city do Dan and Lauren with AXE® live in? NYC
•In the world of AXE®, what causes “Mutual Satisfaction”? Hold + Touch
•What is the AXE® mannequin’s name? Quinn
•In the first “Better On Your Pits” video, what does DWA try to use his deodorant as? A highlighter
•Can Premature Perspiration be controlled? Yes

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