Dec 10, 2011

FREE-- $10 credit to = Burt's Bees kits as low as $5.20

-- You will receive a special promo coupon code within a few minutes.
-- Then, Go to here (While you are waiting for your $10, visit their website to see if you can snag some other good deals.) 
-- Add one of the following items to your cart (or whatever you like. I've seen people scored great deals.):
     -Burt’s Bees Head To Toe Kit — 6 Pieces for $5.20 shipped after credit.
     -Burt’s Bees Baby Bee® Getting Started Kit — 5 Pieces for $5.98 shipped after credit
-- * Be sure to add your $10 credit at checkout to claim your discount.
Note: The item does state that it takes 6-14 days to ship, so there is a chance that it will not get here before Christmas.  But it’s still a sweet deal and you can save it for a birthday gift for someone.

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