Aug 20, 2011

DEAL-- What are in my box from ThredUP

What are in my box from ThredUP? (Also FREE- $10 from ThredUP)

I received my box I ordered from ThredUP few days ago. (it was fast.) 
The box was $5 plus $10.95 flat rate shipping fee. (All ThredUP boxes are $5 each + $10.95 shipping.)
I got $10 when I signed up to ThredUP. (Note: this is a limited time offer. They usually give out $5.)
So, I should pay $5.95 after the free $10. 
I paid by my Paypal account. However, all the money in my Paypal account are money I earned by selling some prizes I won or I got from instant win games, sweepstakes, or even giveaway. 
Therefore, I can say that this box is totally FREE to me. 
Oh, BTW, I spend about 3 hours on searching a box I like, but I'm glad I found this box. Most of all the bras, tank tops, skirt and shorts are my size and I love them all. 

Now, let's see what are in my box today (8/20). 

5 tank tops; 4 Victorias Secret bras (new). 2 bra tops; 3 Old Navy athletic shorts; 1 denim skirt; 1 canvas shorts; 2 T-shirts. (wow!! 18 total) 
Brands include: Victorias Secret, No Boundaries, Old Navy, Route 66, and more.

Below is the most important reason why I bought this box. Yes, 4 new Victorias Secret bras. (even though I think one of them is not new.) 

If you are interested, here is the link you can sign up to ThredUP. Please note: every box is different and you may take hours to find a box you like. And most of them are used. (You can still find new though, but it takes time.) If you don't like it in this way, please don't sign up. If you find this may be excited and interested, sign up today to get a free $10 credit. And note: the $10 credit is limited time offer. Oh, BTW (again? lol), you can also sent your box out. Good luck!! 

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