Jun 14, 2011

FREE-- $10 credit, deals and electronics (Nomorerack)

Crazy update: Nomorerack is having a crazy Black Friday sale. Details here!! 

Why join Nomorerack? Here is my 5 reasons. 

1. You got $10 credit (off $30) once you sign up. Sing up is FREE and only email needed when you sign up. So Sign up to get your FREE $10 credit. (be sure you confirm your email and enter code p1070 or p1080 at where it says "redeem a gift card" to get $10.)

2. They have FREE deal and Friend Deal everyday. On FREE deal, you need only pay shipping and get the deal for free. You need only few referral to buy a FREE deal from their giveaway or Friend Deal.  I've gotten free iPod shuffle , earring (4 referrals), bracelet (6 referrals), $120 worthy handbag (15 friends) and more from them. All are FREE + free shipping. 

3. They have FriendRack which allows you earning great FREE prizes by referring friends. Your friends don't need to buy anything, just sign up for you. Also, your friends can get $10 credit once they sign up. FriendRack is a permanent part of Nomorerack, so you have enough time to get the FREE prizes you want. Plus, There's no limit to what you can earn - the more friends you invite, the more chances to keep earning cool FREE items! (I have showed some example rewards below.)

4. If you are lucky enough, they have Insanity Deal at random time. For example, iPad for $43;  iPhone 4S for $51; Kindle Fire for $17; and more. Check details here

4. They have really great deals everyday! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here !! 

Q: where to find my personal link?  
A: After you sin-up or log-in, go to "my account" and then click on "invite friends". you will find your personal link. ^_^

Below are some electronics from FriendRack you can earn from them. There are more, but I show some I liked for you to look.  

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